Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lose the Training Wheels

Today, I signed John up the "Lose the Training Wheels -- Bike Camp." I'm very excited. John is very anxious. This is a special five day bike camp for children with special needs to learn how to ride two-wheeled bikes.

He wanted to ride a bike years ago. He doesn't want to any more. He doesn't think he can. He has found something in his mind that is an acceptable substitute. It took two years, but he mastered his two-wheeled scooter. He can participate with other children, lean into the curves and feel the wind on his face.

He isn't interested in trying his hand at a bike that puts him further from the ground and in much less control. He tried when he was four or five and his lack of coordination coupled with the fact that he was big enough he had to move beyond the toddler bike he had previously, and in his mind, he learned he wasn't capable or interested in riding a bike.

But our family wants to go on bike rides. We have a legacy of bike riding. I have warm, fuzzy daydreams where we all bike to a park together and enjoy a picnic lunch. I imagine him finding a group of children at a campground and being able to keep up as they tool around the place. He doesn't want to understand he can go faster and further with less work on a bicycle than on a scooter.

Thanks to Lose the Training Wheels, my fantasy may come true this summer.

John watched several videos and he's come to grips with the fact I've signed him up. He's also been told he only has to watch until he's ready to try. He feels much less anxious knowing that but I know he will be gung ho within a few minutes. I just about can't wait for June 6.

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