Friday, June 10, 2011

Bike Camp: Day 2

On Day 2, John's coach friends greeted him at the door, brought him his helmet and got him right back to work. He rode around, around and around. They ran around, around and around.

At one point, he was switched to riding a very interesting tandem bike and then right back to the grind. 75 minutes were once again taken in constant physical motion. I was prepared with lunch packed in the van for day 2. He was extremely hungry.

I was afraid he might be getting bored going around in circles for so long, so i asked if he was having fun. He said he was tire of having to work so hard and getting blisters on his butt, but it was all worth it "making those guys run." He would go faster and faster trying to get away from them and taunt them by yelling over his shoulder things like, "Run, slave, run!" and "Haul your booty!"

There was also some diabolical laughter involved.

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